The Rhodochrosite was first discovered by Inca Ripac, also

 called Viracocha when he conquered the northern part of

 Argentina for the Tahuantinsuyo or Inca Empire in about

 the 13th century. Amulets made with the rose - red stone

 were found in the Inca's mummies unearthed in the region.




For this reason the stone became known as

Inca - Rose or Rosainca

Rhodochrosite was formed millions or years  ago when its

mass crystallization occurred starting with hydrothermal

solutions of manganese carbonate. 


Hence, its stratified

 aspect due to superposition of lodes of different tonalities

 that seldom adopt the form of stalactites.

Black-greyish veins of hydrated manganese

 oxide and other metals may be found in its

 inner part. One of the mines producing the

 best quality of Rhodochrosite is in the

 Northern Province of Catamarca, at the

 mountain village of Capillitas.

 Specialized  personnel select the best

 Rhodochrosite pieces that will be transformed

 into beautiful jewelry and delightful

 ornamental objects by artists and master artisans

 from Cousiño.

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